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A unique gift requires unique gift ideas ...

...and this is why we have come together - to help you find the most perfect gift for any occasion. Through examples of fine gifts and the gift giving experiences of others, we want you to learn the secrets of gift giving so that you can always tap into your own creativity and imagination and give the perfect gift to anyone.


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We Offer Unique Gift Ideas and Solutions

We have decades of experience in gift giving - Christmas, Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries and more. We have bought for mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends, neighbors, business colleagues, teachers, and strangers - to name a few! And, now, we'll help you do the same!

This site offers great ideas and real stories from people like you to stir your own creativity and imagination. Certain gifts are showcased to help your ideas because we believe these gifts represent the upper tier of unique gifts. Likewise, we make a select number of online stores available to you because they emphasize selling high-quality unique gifts.

We Help You Select the Perfect Unique Gift - Every Time

Did you know that every time you make an effort to find a gift for someone you have given yourself the opportunity to connect with that person on the deepest level? This connection is not necessarily shared at the conscious level with the person. It is a place within your own being that is shared by all beings. 

This place within yourself goes by many names - intuition, the heart, the inner voice and others - but they all refer to the same place. More importantly, when you access this place in order to select a gift for someone you have the power to transform that person and even yourself.

And that brings us to the underlying purpose of this site: to help you understand the gift buying process at the deepest level. By doing so, you will realize that buying the perfect gift for anyone begins with you and your ability to access your own innate perfection. From this space of calm and "loving detachment", creative and unique gift ideas will most surely come to you.

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Find the Perfect Gift in 2 Simple Steps

Step 1: Laying the Foundation - Please read the writings in Essays on Gift Giving. These beautifully written articles will help you understand the gift giving process. They're easy to read but their wisdom will prove invaluable.

Step 2: Gifts and Gift Ideas - Select the links that best fit the gift giving occasion. Get ideas from the showcased gifts and please be sure to read the true-life stories from visitors like you. If you wish, you may make a purchase by following the links for specific items.

Please Help Others By Contributing YOUR Story

One of the most valuable aspects of this site are the contributions from visitors like yourself. So please give back by sharing your own story of an unusual or unique gift that made the day perfect. Try to keep your story short and be specific about what you gave or received so that we can tell others about your gift and where to find it. Thank you!

How You Give the Gift is Important, Too!

Although we emphasize unique gifts and gift ideas throughout this site, please keep this in mind: the perfect gift may not always be unique or unusual; instead, it may be presented in an unusual way or under unique circumstances.

Many years ago, as a young boy, I was in the hospital after falling off a roof and severely breaking my leg. I had been there for a few days when, one afternoon, my parents visited and gave me a small package wrapped in aluminum foil. They said my sister was not able to come and she wanted me to have the small gift. When I opened the foil I found a dozen fresh-baked, homemade, chocolate-chip cookies and a wallet-sized picture of her. Years later, I would good-naturedly tease my sister about her gift but it was one of the sweetest gifts I ever received and I have never forgotten it.

~ David, OR, USA

The point is you can always access the heartfelt impulses that are in tune with others. It is from this "inner guide" that an action is revealed that leads to, or even becomes itself, the perfect gift.

So enjoy the process. And leave here with the perfect gift, a gift from the heart - your heart!


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Valentine's Day - unique gift ideas for your valentine.

Baby/Baby Shower - unique baby gift ideas for babies and baby showers.

Birthday - unusual gift ideas for your parents, kids, friends, neighbors, or even long, lost cousins!

Wedding - unique wedding and anniversary gift ideas for weddings, anniversaries, brides, grooms, best men and bridesmaids. Heck, even the ushers!

Gift Basket - some ways to spruce up the gift basket idea.

Corporate/Business - unique gift ideas for the business executive.

Personalized - unique personalized gift ideas for adults or kids.

Anniversary - some unique gifts to give your life-long partner.

Christmas - gift ideas for the holiday season that would make Santa proud.

Mother/Mom - great gift ideas for the one who sacrificed so much of her life for you.

Golf - unique gift ideas for the avid golfer.

Man/Boyfriend/Him - unique gift ideas for men and the man in your life.

Woman/Girlfriend/Her - unique gift ideas for women and the woman in your life.

Cat - we can't forget about Kitty-Cat, now can we?

Thank You - ways to show your heartfelt appreciation.

Sympathy - gifts to say "I care."

Kid/Child - unique gift ideas for your kids and the kids of others.

Father/Dad - great gift ideas for good ol' Dad.

Handmade/Handcrafted - handcrafted unique gift ideas.

Romantic - unique gift ideas to stir yours and your beloved's affections.

Spiritual - spiritual gift ideas for those who are traveling along the spiritual road.

Gift Wrapping - innovative ways to present your gifts.

Essays On Gift Giving - beautiful essays and articles on the art and heart of gift giving.

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